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chow-chow, чау-чау, питомник Джулидейл
About us
Our Kennel is situating in Irkutsk city, which is in East-Siberia region and 5000km far from Moscow. We are specialising on chow-chow breed from 1992. Before that we successfully worked with collies.

On website we want to show our dogs and results of our genetic work with this breed. If you want to know more about our Kennel, do not hesitate to contact me and I'll answer all your questions. And here I just want to say a few words about my priorities in chow-chow breed. First of all it's good health and right mentality. Than — descent, anatomy and type in general. I like dogs with strong skeleton, rich coat and heaped up head.

With best regards,
Julia Khutoryanskaya,
Kennel owner
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27 December, 2010
Our Lyalya (Dgulideil Oranzhevoe Solntse), Macho (Tet A Tet Macho) and Fifa (Dgulideil Takaya Fifa) passed away this month... We will always love and remember them...
10 December, 2010
We have new photos of the children of our Shurjena (Dgulideil Shury Mury) and Kit (Dgulideil Favorit)!

Cinnamon girl are looking for the best owners! See new photos at the page of the litter.
31 October, 2010
30.10.2010, Usolie-Sibirskoe, judge — G. Zakharova (Russia)

Dgulideil Jusuf-PashaCAC, Best Dog, BOB!
24 October, 2010
23.10.2010, Krasnoyarsk, chow-chow speciality, judge — N. Sedykh (Russia)

Dgulideil Jusuf-PashaCCC!
09 October, 2010
On the 31th of August our Shurjena (Dgulideil Shury Mury) gave birth to 6 puppies (1 cinnamon and 1 red dogs, 4 cinnamon bitches) out of our Kit (Dgulideil Favorit) (imbreeding to Towmena Cutty Sark 3:3 and Dgulideil Barynya 4:4). Look for the photos of the puppies at the page of the litter.

Today in Angarsk under judging of Denis Kuzelj our Dgulideil Jusuf-PashaCAC, Best Dog!
27 July, 2010
25.07.2010, Irkutsk, chow-chow speciality, judge — R. Homasuridze (Russia)

Dgulideil FavoritCCC, Best Dog, BOB! With this win Kit became twice Club Champion!
25 April, 2010
Our congratulations to the Simba (Dgulideil Ts-Cacib Show) and his owner Natalia Smirnova — Simba passed the HD-test with the result HD-B, AD-1! And this is at the age of 4,5 years!!!
17 February, 2010
On the 14th of February there was chow-chow speciality in Irkutsk. Judge — Ljudmila Kebbel (Russia). Our results:

Dgulideil FavoritCCC, Best Dog, BOB

Dgulideil Favorit

Dgulideil Jusuf-PashaCCC

Dgulideil Jusuf-Pasha

Dgulideil Shury-MuryCCC

Dgulideil Shury-Mury

Dgulideil Shury-Mury completed the title of Club Champion!
30 January, 2010
Our puppy Dgulideil Jusuf-Pasha unexpectedly returned to motherhome.
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