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chow-chow, чау-чау, питомник Джулидейл
About us
Our Kennel is situating in Irkutsk city, which is in East-Siberia region and 5000km far from Moscow. We are specialising on chow-chow breed from 1992. Before that we successfully worked with collies.

On website we want to show our dogs and results of our genetic work with this breed. If you want to know more about our Kennel, do not hesitate to contact me and I'll answer all your questions. And here I just want to say a few words about my priorities in chow-chow breed. First of all it's good health and right mentality. Than — descent, anatomy and type in general. I like dogs with strong skeleton, rich coat and heaped up head.

With best regards,
Julia Khutoryanskaya,
Kennel owner
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20 December, 2011
On the 18th of December our Darky (Ch-Dalen Darky Golden Man) debuted at the dog-show in Irkutsk under judgement of V. Aleksandrov (Russia). Darky received excellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB and BIG-2!

Ch-Dalen Darky Golden Man

The page of the son of our Kit and Shura, red Dgulideil Yavnyi Favorit was added to website.
10 December, 2011
On the 4th of December there were 2 big dog-shows in Novosibirsk (Russia): CACIB, judge — Olga Kupriyanova-Sinko (Slovakia) and chow-chow speciality, judge — Mr. Ekarat Sangkunakup (United Chow kennel, Thailand). I was very glad and proud to show my dog to Mr. Ekarat Sangkunakр.

At the chow-chow speciality Klondike for Dgulideilexcellent, JCCC, Best Junior. Marik completed the title of National Club Junior Champion!!!
At the CACIB he has the same results — excellent, JCAC, Best Junior.

Klondike for Dgulideil
20 October, 2011
On the 15th of October there was All-russian dog-show in Angarsk (Russia). Judge — A. Burylin (Russia).

Klondike for Dgulideilexcellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, BIG-2
Dgulideil Yadrjena Matrjenaexcellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior Bitch

On the 22th of October 2 dog shows were held in Krasnoyarsk (Russia).
All-breed dog-show judge — V. Rakuta (Russia)

Klondike for Dgulideilexcellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB.

Chow-chow specilaity show judge — I. Begma (Russia)

Klondike for Dgulideilexcellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB.

Klondike for Dgulideil

Our Marik (Klondike for Dgulideil) completed the title Junior Champion of Russia!
30 September, 2011
Our congratulations to Topa (Dgulideil Oroginal) who had his 12th birthday on 28.09.2011! Many thanks to his owner Ljubov for so many Topa's years of happy life!

Dgulideil Oroginal, 12 years old
12 September, 2011
Our congratulations to Irina Sazonova with her Boss (Dgulideil Eto Ya For Il De Bote), who has completed the title of National Club Champion!

On the 11th of September there was regional dog-show in Irkutsk, judge — T. Egorova (Russia).

Klondike for Dgulideilexcellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior Dog!
Dgulideil Ya Vasha Navekiexcellent 1, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB!

Dgulideil Ya Vasha Naveki
Dgulideil Ya Vasha Naveki

Our congratulations to the owners of Sharli (Dgulideil Ya Vasha Naveki) with excellent debute of the girl!
30 July, 2011
On the 24th of July there was chow-chow speciality show in Irkutsk, judge — N. Haratishvili (Russia)

Klondike for DgulideilBest Puppy

Klondike for Dgulideil
10 June, 2011
On the 5th of June there was chow-chow speciality show in Irkutsk, judge — E. Erusalimsky (Russia)

Klondike for DgulideilBest Puppy Dog
Dgulideil Yadrjena Matrjenaexcellent, CW, Junior Club Winner!

At the same day there was regional dog-show, judge — Slukin (Ukraine).

Dgulideil Yadrjena Matrjenaexcellent, CW, JCAC, BJ!
25 May, 2011
There is new bitch in the Kennel. Meet cinnamon Chelsie (Dgulideil Yadrjena Matrjena)!
27 March, 2011
There are 2 new dogs in the Kennel. Meet red Darky (Ch-Dalen Darky Golden Man) and black Marik (Klondike for Dgulideil)!
10 March, 2011
The page of Boss (Dgulideil Eto Ya For Il De Bote), the son of our Kuba (Tochka Ru Sobaka) was added to our website.
17 February, 2011
All puppies (children of our Shurjena and Kit) are sold and in the new homes now!
17 January, 2011
On the 09th of January there was regional dog-show in Irkutsk. Judge — Natalia Sedykh (Russia). Our results:

Dgulideil Jusuf-Pashaexcellent 1, CW, Best Dog, CAC, BOB!

Dgulideil Jusuf-Pasha
Dgulideil Jusuf-Pasha
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